Sally Winser McLachlan
Diana comes in, assesses the situation, and helps transition and settle your parents in to their new life, with the utmost kindness.

Susan Pepler
Diana, Thanks for your help in my office. I am keeping things in relatively good order since then, and I am loving the 'new order'! Thanks!

Hi, I'm Diana Martin

photo of Diana Martin of Transitions ManagementDiana Martin was born and raised in Montreal. She attended École St-Léon and ECS, and after one year of CEGEP at Dawson College, she headed east to Halifax to attend Dalhousie University. After four wonderful years of enjoying the Maritimes and completing a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, she returned home in the summer of 2009.
As many others experienced at that time, it was a challenge to navigate the slim employment opportunities. Diana decided to take matters into her own hands, spending her time helping people downsize their homes and saw an opportunity to start a personal services business that utilized her natural organizational abilities and personal communication skills.
Pairing those attributes with her innate inclination to help others (be it with in-home organization, helping to move or organize other areas of their lives) Diana started Transitions Management in the fall of 2009.

Transform your living space

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photo of living room before photo of living room after
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